Tuesday, November 1, 2011

THE PRISTINE GREENS OF BORNEO: Joy In Looking & Comprehending Is Nature's Most Beautiful Gift...

The gift of nature: Banana petals. Pretty yet edible :)

The pristine greens of Borneo, where one may observe the sun greeting the mountains on a daily ritual, a cycle that replenishes and regenerates and teaches all of us again on the virtues of patience and simplicity. It is all about a new mandate of fresh trust a new day brings; a trust in us to do what’s best.

The heavens have not given up.

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” - Henry David Thoreau

Back in wonderful then, humanity was simpler. We compete less commercially, and dare I say that the world was a simpler place in time? Absolutely; it truly was simpler.

I blog simply to reach out and make new friends and to share with precious similar others what ever bits and few I may have for such a resolve, to learn and share. But they say to dish out advice is to judge, and so I would refrain as much from both mannerism.

And there is no trade or employment but the young man (& woman),
 following it may become a hero. – Walt Whitman…

Interweaving of meandering thoughts; “Hats off to the Wonderful Men & Women of Air Asia!” Over the weekend & the recent holiday breaks, we hosted visiting friends in tri-city JB, KL and KK, and all I can say is, they gave very tall observations for Air Asia friendliness and casual welcoming approach in their travel itinerary. Truly, Air Asia is in a class of its own, and I am very proud to say that this is a Malaysian innovation! Their jobs may look easy and simple, that’s because their professionalism and friendliness all bundled into one, has created a cozy outlook of the trade in service to nation.

Here is a quick montage of a misty early morning approach and landing in Sultan Ismail International Airport Johor Bahru. All fun and friendly, in the light and smiles of wonderful Air Asia no less :)

Home again. Even though I am not an IT savvy person, nevertheless I have been a close observer ever since the early days of its mass commercial inception. I gather from observance of the trade, it has always been one issue that defines the endless parameters of refining internet services, and that is the issue of internet security. The internet has evolved from simple cash register applications, into mass dot.com communication applications, into borderless banking, and finally a successful integration into the mobile communication platforms, moving the human mass with our hand held mobile devices. 

Spicy Banana Petals Salad (Kerabu Jantung Pisang) with Spanish Mackerel (Ikan Tenggiri).

Saving the best for last: Kak Pah, my other-half asyik duk ingatkan "Bila nak ambil jantung pisang buat kerabu Kak Pah? :)" This is the most we could do :) Memang sedap! Sorry lambat sikit :) Hehe.... understaffed  at Deliah's Deli :)

With satellite navigations, and as advance and progressive the internet may consistently evolved itself into, but left is the one issue which has remained stoic in its assault over the internet community, and that has always been matters regarding to its safety and security.

I would not be getting into complex matters of internet security. I would like to touch on the simple aspect of internet safety, and that is our personal safety. Would you walk up to a stranger and share your family album with them? But on the internet, a few seems to have shared and exposed everything with the world already…why?

A puzzle that beggars understanding, existing in-between internet and reality that has deceived and eluded some into believing falsely the virtual internet is not “real” and it’s all only an innocent foray into the great virtual unknown. Alas, reality shall assail such innocence less we respect it first.

The one about safety. You close and locked your gates, then you switch “ON” the alarm system as defense against any possible intruders and you try to sleep soundly at night…but you still can’t. One bump and you are up already, checking and double checking on security and looking out into the dark of night from the safety of your caged and locked homely environment. But even then you still worry; because you know that the notion of total safety is completely false…

High up, nevertheless precious water bringing us back to uncomplicated basic again; with the entire half empty and all the half full…leaning against the bigger picture…and Who’s actually observing us higher? The more you have the bigger the trust, the more you owe the higher the stakes and the taller the heights…

A good name is much better than great new riches. I was visiting a home which caters to special children recently. The link for one of these homes is here, you may click here to assist them. A poor and lonely child may read innocently and suddenly looks down upon his tattered shoes in light of your scattered millions. Humbled and crumpled becomes his heart, in a labyrinth of inferiority complex he staggers away…

“Blogging in good faith”, and praises would be what the blogging angels would like to have thought, but greatly missing was good faith.  

Make a change, reach out in love and create love where you’ve touched. It is never too small and insignificant, it is always much needed and it even expunges centricity.

Hush, voices carry; keep the golds and millions quietly for those who have above us who don't, think of safety on this open hunting ground for once, and remember; the lack of judgments derides the neighbors and spools desperations into greed…

In the context of safety: Do we really know who our virtual neighbor is? My point exactly.

A special time to ponder, a blessed time to honor all the sacrifices around us, a time to reach back again to all the familiar faces who have paved and made way for us, and yes; ever always a right time to give back upon all the blessings. Subhanallah.

HOME for the celebrations.

I dedicate this posting to the many wonderful bloggers I have come to know here. Mainly, maternal and much beloved KAK PAH (IBUNDO),  who keeps the delicate balance here with her straight from the heart scribes, ZARIN, PUAN ROSKZAI, NAZ, JUWITA and SUZI who has since gone to the cyber banks :), PETE & ANN; far but near at heart, DEBBIE my dear friend from so long ago and friendly AKHEELA in Toronto.

Warmest regards to PUAN LIZA and family of Taman Melawati KL, whom we had the chance to meet again in KL Sentral Terminal recently (and by chance after nearly 15 years! :). The very best in her bakery ventures! :)

Deliah’s Deli would be going on a sabbatical for the time being. Would like to blog again one day soon Insyallah. Terima kasih, thank you, grazie, gracias, shukran.

Hargailah segala kurniaan-Nya dengan serendah hati kita  beserta keimanan yang ikhlas.

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