Sunday, October 30, 2011

CHARMS OF PHNOM PENH....with cheese flan cake.

Unique hand-crafted & handwoven souvenirs of Phnom Penh, courtesy of my dear sister Rania.

I added Philadelphia Cheese and good old Van Houten's Chocolate Powder for extra taste and colors.
For original recipe you may go to YASMIN'S kitchen...:)


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Image by RedPat 

Few women enjoy taking their car to the mechanic in fact; it can very well be a particularly daunting experience. But why does that chore brings fear into us?

Several days ago a friend of mine took her car to an open service facility; you know, one of those many sprouting “Servitekar” for a simple tyre balancing job.

It was only such a small job of balancing the wheels and it was non mechanical thus she had informed the authorized service center for her vehicle of her intention to have the tyre job done at the “Servitekar” instead of at the dealership and they consented to it.

She had expected the job would only take about an hour max and around RM90 to RM100.

I think almost every woman reading this would at least had the experience at least once of going in to a mechanic shop, and being a woman immediately feeling like you’re not taken very seriously at all, or kind of looked down upon by the mechanics and supervisors there and that your ignorance of “mechanical jargons” is an instant bother to them. They expect you to hand them the keys, shut up, go read something and then come up to the counter to pay for stuffs you do not even need done.

You would be made to feel up the creek, intimidated and insecure. Well, you could call the other half over to handle it for you or you could step on things and speak up and be heard!

This friend of mine handed the keys for a simple tyre balancing job and 45 minutes later and she was told that she needed a new timing belt on a 12 months old car that’s still under factory warranty and with just around 10,000 kilometers on the clock!

As consumers in Malaysia, we are protected by the Malaysian Consumer Protection Act 1999. The Act which came into force on the 15 of November 1999, had lead to the establishment of the “Tribunal Pengguna Malaysia” (Consumer’s Tribunal Malaysia). The principal function of this tribunal is to make available an official channel for aggrieved consumers to properly file claims (provided they are below RM25, 000 and with a statute limitation of not exceeding 36 months) in a simple and speedy manner without needing to resort to expensive personal legal services (you only pay them RM5 for the service). 

With the existence of the Tribunal, consumers can now seek redress against unscrupulous/unethical traders and suppliers of services or goods. All settlements are spoken as “Awards” and not judgments as this is not a criminal court. 

However, any non-compliance with a Tribunal award within 14 days after finality is indeed a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act, 1999 and the Enforcement Division, in the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism shall take over the case and that would be big financial misfortune for the traders in questions.

If any of you ladies have these sorts of issues that needs a Tribunal redress, please visit these sites:

2)      Get your “Form 1” from the “Portal e-Tribunal” here for commencement of action.

Finally, I have seen this elsewhere; an all female automotive service garage.

With some remnants of the old attitude around, and with the ancient mentality still harassing on our feminine honesty and humility, I think that it is just a matter of time before this becomes a “feminine” economic reality here too in Malaysia.

Ideally, as is the case in Toronto with "Miss Lube"; even men took their machines to the women for servicing nowadays...  


Monday, October 24, 2011

A DEEPAVALI GREETINGS AND WISHES...To All Our Hindu Friends, Bloggers & Readers..

A very happy and joyous Deepavali wishes to all our Hindu friends, bloggers & readers. 
Best wishes especially going out to the wonderful Ganesans’, the wondrous Sundrams’ and the groovy Mehtas’ :) 
Thank you ever always for the friendship and above all else; thank you for your unrelenting support :)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Quick CHICKEN ROULADE...With Red Plum Sauce.

 Cooking From Memories…

I think we all have this chapter in our mental cook books…and quite frankly, for it to be able to linger into the passages of our time and surpassing the others, it has to be quite a spiritual inspirational touch no less. Food goes far beyond filling the tummies and making you go burp into the night; but good food has the ability to go even further, to create an environment all of its own, a vibrating awareness into our past and maybe even a silent wish for a future tradition.

This is a recipe that I really do not know the name of it, but I could still quite clearly recollect its distinctive taste and aroma on my much younger taste bud. It is no Michelin 5-Stars recipe, not quite chicken roulade, and probably just made out of left-overs in the fridge. But the taste has always been unique and exceptional.

The fillet is made of deboned chicken breast (you could also use duck meat - tapi kalau guna itik, perap dengan rempah sup sedikit), thinly sliced and spread, marinated with Lee and Perrins for flavor and then rolled with a filling that’s made of:

Boiled quail's eggs,

Finely cut carrots

Oat meals (to hold the fillings together)


Button mushrooms (I have omitted that and swapped it with dates (buah kurma) - out of allergy with a few in this household).

Some spices (I am guessing what they were and this is the closest I could put it today): Rempah Sup (naturally I used Adabi products).

Rolled neatly (you may string it like I did or just roll in a thin-foil wrapper), and then baked at 160°C for 45 minutes. Layer down a few zesty lemon slices on top of the chicken (lemon slices to be removed before serving).

Cooking time is about an hour, provided the quail’s eggs has been boiled and de-shelled earlier.

Serving suggestion: garnish it with asparagus and grace with home-made sweet and sour plum sauce.

As a child, it would fill you till the next stop. But for adults, you might as well add in some side dish to it like pasta or maybe even Asian style fried rice. This is good when entertaining guest for dinner on a short notice, but just be sure to add on pasta or fried rice as a second course to the dinner menu.

Cooking is an absolute necessity for humans; it is all a strong part of evolution ahead. If you don’t eat just how would you evolve? But sometimes, a good recipe opens a lone window into days gone by and it summons back pages of a gone past.

“A dash of sugar for the past, a pinch of salt for the present and a sprinkle of pepper for the future; there you go, bon appétit!” – Anonymous.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Moat :)

The famous journalist Sydney J. Harris had once proclaimed: "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." 

Yes, he was right. All we do is merely to impart knowledge and understandings of the world into young inquisitive minds and makes them see themselves and the world around them much better. 

Sometimes the loads become heavy and sometimes light, but at all given times it has been pleasurable no less!

Alas, sometimes I get too forgetful and just completely forget the going-on/happenings around me other than my work. I am quite sure we all do that at one time or another.

First and foremost, congratulations to the graduating class of 2011.

The first thing that strikes me about education is the knowledge we gained from it. A good education works both ways and a good educator would eventually “be educated” as well, with each passing batch of graduates that moves under her or his tutelage. Education gives us that added perspective of looking at things in life. 

It helps us construct opinions and it gives us a new dimension of understandings at life. Many debate over the subject of whether “is education in classrooms and text books the only thing that gives knowledge”.

I personally think that educations come to us from every points and corners we may touch in life. It is one big endless circle of giving and taking. Education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world, but knowledge is something quite very different. 

Knowledge comes after education.

They both shall work in tandem, to assist us into charting the future.  We gather every bits of knowledge from all sources of educations around us. 

But then again, we cannot convert that inputs into an understandings of knowledge without educations. Thus the circle becomes complete; of giving and taking.

That’s why I have always said that when we enrolls in to college or university for a specific tertiary education, we are merely polishing our natural instinct and gifts; our natural inborn instinct and gifts.

Your vocation learned, is God’s gift to the world and humankind through your minds, your hands and your polished passion. Each of us have that gift for man and woman kind, and it is up to us to deliver that gift. It has been entrusted to us from our Maker and we cannot fail such a request. 

Therefore, beyond these walls and lectures, into your future, be your passionate best at your vocation. Always be humble in educating, always appreciate the power of their inquisitive minds. Rich or poor, we come under one in seeking knowledge.

Congratulations and Happy Graduations All!

“Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.”Henry Peter Brougham


Saturday, October 15, 2011

GIVING NATURE A DIGITAL HELPING HAND...(not that she needs it though :)

 Venue: The Splendor of Mount Kinabalu Malaysia...

Hi and good morning, buongiorno!   

Sometimes in the beauty of creations, the thought is already there…
but it gets a bit slow in deliverance…
you know, the winds, the drafts, kismet and all…
God knows best.

Something spectacular with a bigger beautiful meaning… 
in the impatience of good intention and digital wizardry...
I slightly “Photoscaped” this one… 

And done affectionately though…

To remind all on the beauty and magnificence of nature and creations :) 

Well anyway, here’s some more beautiful QUOTE on beauty to share with all :)

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere
Vincent Van Gogh

If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. - Ancient Chinese Proverb

The creation of beauty should offer a diverse opportunity filled with the fragrance of tolerance so that many can use their own tastes and definitions. - Ralf Nader

The beauty of women is like the beauty of flowers… there are many kinds, and yet each has unique beauty to offer. - Author Unknown

True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul
It is the caring she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows
And the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows. - Audrey Hepburn

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. - Franz Kafka


(IP rights waived; all images herein this posting are free for sharing in good use).


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A POST SPECIALLY DEDICATED TO IBUNDO...buat ganti jantung pisang :)

Let's take a moment to admire the natural beauty among us.
This is our Bunga Kantan aka Ginger Flower (Etlingera Eliator). 
In the right lighting's and angles it is transformed into it's own creation of beauty.
 I think in my book it goes right next to the English Rose :)

This one has added bling-bling for export-market! :)))

*Kak Pah,insyaallah kalau ada rezeki dapat la makan urap jantung pisang hujung minggu ni bila ada yg sudi bawa dari kampung nanti. :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Spicy Tom Yam, Deep Fried Batter Prawns With Kai-lan in Oyster Sauce and White Rice.

Short note: New line-ups of healthy meals with the new and pleasantly friendly dining hall operators at my work place :)

All being well, may this one maintains their standards and keeps the pricing reasonable. The menu is sizzling hot and quick to the order and it is aptly priced too and everyone seems very happy :)

Good luck and good prosperity to them :)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

CHILI CON CARNE...Buen Provecho! (Enjoy Your Meal!)

Specially for MAMAFAMI 

In successive theme of KAKPAH's Mexican tortilla, here is my version of "chili con carne"; a spicy Mexican stew with traces of origin all the way back to Spain with the Spanish Conquistadors. The name of the dish derives from Española chili con carne literally meaning “chili with meat”.

I am quite familiar with variations of this dish and originally it was cooked without beans, but that got added along the way. If you have eaten the famous A&W “Coney Dog”, then you may have already tasted “chili con carne” the delicious A&W way!  

This simple and inexpensive dish is predominantly popular as a simple source of protein and fiber from the beans. Cooking it would usually consume some times over slow fire as the beans should ideally be tendered down and the sauce should be thickened to the walls (or just used canned beans for speed).

Preparation is simple and straight forward. You may serve this dish with rice as the Mexicans do, over Tacos & Burritos too, or with spaghetti on the side, or to be eaten in a bowl with a few slices of toasted garlic bread. For the two of us & the kids, we much prefer it with just simple bread or rolls. Do give this a try and hopefully you would come to enjoy it too and then maybe creatively explore to create your own “chili con carne” recipe.

1 kg ground beef or chopped meat
500 gm. of canned pinto beans, drained
400 gm. of canned kidney beans, drained
1 or 2 chopped bell pepper (you may use several colors excluding green)
450 gm. of canned tomato sauce (Campbell was the brand I had used)
1 bottle of Prego Traditional Pasta sauce (this is not a norm)
550 gm. of diced fresh tomatoes
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 or 2 Jalapeno or Cili Merah minced
1 large onion, finely sliced
2 tbsp olive oil (I used palm oil)
2 tbsp of dried chili powder (I use Hajjah Faizah Bayumi’s excellent products)
1 & 1/2 tbsp brown sugar (or plain sugar)
3 tbsp dried oregano (or use Oregano powder instead)
3 tbsp. ground cumin (leaves it out if you don't like it and I did left that out)
A little bit of grounded cloves
A bit of allspice (you may use Rempah 5 rasa or even a bit of the versatile Rempah Sup ADABI)
Beef broth (or Knorr chicken cubes would do)

Chili con Carne Recipe Directions
Prepare a pot, put the oil and heat to medium.  Put in the ground beef, and cook it just nice.
Add green or red chili, garlic, red bell pepper, jalapeno (cili besar merah), and onion to the meat.  Sauté (goreng semua dengan api medium) those up until it produce a nice flavor. Then add in chili powder, brown sugar, oregano, cumin, allspice, and cloves. Slowly stir in the beef broth (or dissolved cubes). Maintain heat a little while more and then add tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Cook it on low heat for 25 minutes. Then add the kidney beans, pinto beans. Continue cooking for an additional 35 minutes (1 hour total stove time). Level of thickness would depend on stove time, amount of ground beef & heat.Garnish it as you wish and then you are done! 

Enjoy your meal! 
Selamat Menjamu Selera! 
Buen Provecho!


Friday, October 7, 2011

ANGEL'S HAIR PASTA & award from gee-hut. :)

How To Capture A Snapshot With A Totally-Black Background?

Here's a very simple setup and technique to try with...
*IZAH, really hope it helps...enjoy!! :)

1. Lay a non-reflective black colour cloth on a flat surface. 
2. Elevate subject(s) from cloth surface in order to "fade out" the cloth texture/surface.
3. Use flash/extra lighting to "shoot" (capture) the subject.

Below is the award I've received from GEE.
Thanks sweetie. :)

1. I'm casual & low profile
2. Loves to read & write
3. Loves traveling & learning new cultures
4. Loves kids & homes
5. Loves cooking & eating
6. Loves crafting & the arts
7. Loves photography & mobile technologies

Many have received this so I pass it to everyone of you..sesapa sudi, sila ambil ye :)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

NOSTALGIA : AIS KRIM MALAYSIA...sirap bandung + jagung! :)

1 tin susu cair + 2 cawan sirap ros + 1 liter air + 1/2 tin jagung manis (ni resepi agak2, yg penting rasa campuran tu mesti betul2 manis, baru sedap bila jadi air batu nanti) + didihkan campuran sirap (susu cair, air dan sirap ros tadi) *step ini optional,ikut citarasa masing2 + tunggu suam + masukkan 1 sudu kecil jagung dalam bekas/plastik ais krim + diikuti dengan campuran sirap + sejuk bekukan + enjoy!! :)



If you would like to share your thoughts, memories and condolence, please email rememberingsteve@apple.com


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FREEDOM FROM WANT: An Inspiring Read.

This is a true inspiring story of a young lady who faced and overcame all hardship and obstacles in beating the odds out of homelessness on the cold ruthless streets of New York to prestigious Harvard University.

Just like how we need food for our body; good healthy food to keep us fit and trim, we also need at certain times food for our minds and passion that comes in the lines of touching and inspirational sayings, words in a form of a story, a quote or poem that lifts you up and makes you feel restored both spiritually and conceptually.

This story below was forwarded to me by a colleague at work and I have read it earlier on and found it to be most powerfully written by the young writer Liz Murray. You may click HERE on your computer to go to the original site at Readers’ Digest or you may just read the story below. 

I do not own any rights to the story (it belongs to Readers’ Digest) and if I may have inadvertently breached any statute copyrighted materials, please email me and I would promptly take down this “copy & paste” posting with much apologies.  

Remember; always go to READERS' DIGEST for a whole lot more of good reading!

The Kindness of Hundreds of Strangers Lifted Her from Homeless to Harvard.

In 1997, I found myself in a situation I never thought I’d be in: alone and begging for money in New York. I was 16, homeless, and desperately searching for a high school that would let me enrol after years of truancy.

My father had been estranged from our family for a while, and though I knew he was in a nearby men’s shelter, he was in no position to help. My mother had recently died from complications related to AIDS, and I’d spent the few months since her death sleeping in friends’ homes or on a staircase landing in some random building in the Bronx.

What I remember most about such nights is lying on the cold marble floor and using my backpack for a pillow, my worn out flannel shirt draped over me to dim the unrelenting fluorescent lights. I’d listen as the sounds of families echoed up to me in the staircase – children calling out for their parents, TVs playing cartoons, dinner plates clanking – all the sounds of life that transform an apartment into a home.

To deal with the isolation, I escaped into daydreams. With my eyes shut, I would envision my family together again: snapshots of Ma alive and the way she’d get those little lines around her eyes whenever she laughed really hard, and the four of us – Ma, Dad, my sister Lisa, and me – safe under one roof again. But the most vivid daydreams were about my future.

I would see myself sitting in school, diligently taking notes. I’d see myself walking across a university campus filled with tall stone buildings drizzled in autumn leaves, my attention focused as I walked briskly to class. The feelings of safety, belonging and hope helped soothe me to sleep.

My life today bears no resemblance at all to my life then. I graduated not only from high school but also from Harvard University. I no longer wear tattered clothes or sleep in hallways. Instead, I am safe each night in my own apartment in Manhattan. And my passion for the past 11 years has been to travel around the world helping people transform their own lives. In short, I am unrecognisable from my former self.

Oddly enough, even after all that I’ve been through – and maybe because of it – I believe that a certain amount of want is healthy. In fact, “freedom from want” was never my goal. Indeed, want served as a catalyst for my dreams, not a hindrance, and my dreams have always been what motivates me.

When I was that young homeless woman struggling to find a break, I’d spend hours trekking the footpaths of Manhattan searching for a school – any school – that would admit me. What would have been torturous for most was not for me. That’s because I recognised that I was on the verge of enacting the very scenes I had imagined back on those frozen stairwell landings where I slept.

These scenes even had their own soundtrack. In my pocket I carried an old, busted-up CD player on which I played inspirational tunes: Paula Cole’s “Me” and Cake’s “The Distance”. I saw my future and clearly envisioned stepping into it.

Even though I had lost my family and was carrying around nothing more than some music, a photo of my mother, a few articles of clothing, and some shoplifted food, dreaming about my future and then acting on it was as exciting as getting into Harvard. Much the way a captain orients his ship to a constellation, I realised there was a place I wanted to be, and my goals guided my daily actions as I took steps to get myself there.

While I made choices every single day to turn my life around, equally critical to my journey were the people there to see me through. There was the alternative high school, Humanities Preparatory Academy, that was my one yes in a world filled with no. There was also the haven for homeless teenagers called the Door, a non-profit organisation that provided me with counselling, medical care and food, all of which kept me going while I completed my homework in train stations and under hallway lights. For me to have succeeded, there had to be people to meet me halfway, and when I searched for them – they were there.

Perhaps the most surprising help though, I did not seek out; it found me. After I’d spent two years as a homeless student earning As in my courses, The New York Times told my story.

In the weeks that followed, dozens of strangers reached out to me from all across the United States. At my high school, I began receiving handwritten letters of encouragement. Strangers showed up bearing brownies, clothes, books, and even hugs. Since the article mentioned I was applying to Harvard, one woman knitted a blanket for me. She attached this note to the box it was posted in: “It gets cold in those dorms. May you warm yourself knowing that people care about you.”

Before these people – some of them nameless – I just didn’t realise how good people could be. But now I do, and I can say that the people who helped me have forever changed me. They are the reason behind my decision to join the board at the Door so that I can be part of a small team of people opening a high school for homeless teenagers. They are the reason I dedicate my life to opening pathways for others.


Monday, October 3, 2011

CYBER HACKING & THEFTS - Be Safe When Surfing!

How safe actually are you when using a free Wi-Fi such as those available at hotels, shopping complexes, airports, and even inside airplanes to surf the internet, and then logging into your blog or VPN for all your online banking stuffs?

Well the typical answer is: Quite on the “very low” to almost “none at all”.

Internet has become a gold mine for those air hack pirates. Sometimes when you have access to the internet via hotel complimentary Wi-Fi connections, think twice about logging into anything sensitive; an “evil twin site”, sometimes referred to as WI-phishing, is a potential security threat to users of Wi-Fi, predominantly in public hotspots. A hacker sets up what is called a “rogue access point” which impersonates the characteristics of the network to which users expect to connect. Users unknowingly connect to the rogue access point and the hacker’s network instead of the intended network and all your passwords would be harvested.

This “evil twin” is a potential security threat to users of Wi-Fi (it does not matter WEP or WPA key-shakes), and predominantly in public hotspots. An accomplished hacker would set up a “rogue access point” which is a convincing carbon copy in the fullest available characteristics of the network to which users expect to connect. Users unknowingly connect to the rogue access point and the hacker’s network instead of the intended network. The “evil twin” hijacks data, such as passwords, account information, credit card information, etc., and then connects the user to the Internet as intended and the users (by now the victims) would know nothing of the security breached which had just transpired.

It’s relatively easy to intercept session-IDs, cookies or random strings in the session URL from nearly all popular web applications, such as Gmail, Bloggers, Facebook, You Tube, Word Press, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Mail, when you're using Wi-Fi. Interception works even if you're using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Using certain software’s and a basic notebook, a hacker may crack a 6 character password in roughly 5.15 minutes, 4 characters password could be done in less than 50 seconds and for 3 characters (no longer allowed by providers) it’s just in mere 0.05 seconds. So use a 14 characters password instead because even with the best software it would still take around 2,046 millennia to crack and that’s a very polite way of saying “till hell freezes over”.

Combine your passwords in alphabets and numbers and for none less than the maximum allowable 14 characters for a “Strong” password. Just adhere to all suggestions made by your service providers for safe surfing and you should be okay. If you suspect that you have just recently become a WI-phishing victims, immediately notify all your internet bankers by voice phone calls (they have 24 hours global connection hotlines) and freeze your internet banking accounts until you could pay them a visit and change the numbers over the counter the next day.

Yes true, it does not have to be just through a “free” hotel Wi-Fi for them to do the hacking act. WI-phishing could be done from anywhere and just about on any access point you may be entering the www connections from. But complimentary hotel Wi-Fi is a lot more dangerous for the very reason that they already have your credit card numbers and most of your privy details upon check-in…

And if you are using your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi to surf along free Wi-Fi spots and you also happen to be on a “Pre-Paid” system for your mobile telecommunication service, well they could easily clean out your credits the next time you try to surf on a “free” Wi-Fi. If possible, go “Off-Line” first with the phones before establishing a W-LAN connection off line. Truth is nothing is really free anymore these days.

My final advice for now is, to never ever disclose any credit card numbers on the emails, never list down phone numbers in close succession on the emails (if you must send out numbers do it like this 012-12 3 45 6 7 instead of the standard format of 012-123 4567. The hacker bots would miss this most likely. But absolutely NO credit cards numbers and if you are using free Wi-Fi; make it a habit to change your password in every 24-hours cycle and use only “Strong” password set ups. I change my passwords every 2 weeks (and do write them down in your safe data storage).

Well, thanks for coming by, and safe surfing to everyone.

Deliah’s Deli says a big: “Thank You” to the IT faculty for helping me out overnight with this cyber episode ;)


Sunday, October 2, 2011


8 slices of bread - cut into small squares
1 cup of fresh milk
2 tbsp of brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 egg

Beat egg, sugar and milk.
Pour on bread. Mix together.
Leave for a while until the bread is totally soaked.
Steamed for about 40 mins.

2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 cups pineapple juice
2 slices of pineapple

Bring sugar and pineapple juice to boil.
Add pineapple. Cook until thicken.
Pour generously on top of pudding, and serve warm.

You could just have it this way; upside down, out of the cup, and into a saucer with rich pineapple caramel :)