Sunday, April 17, 2011

BUBUR SOMSOM...& kuah durian :)

Assalamu'alaikum semua...Lama betul tak jengah "Deliah's Deli" & 'dapur' kawan2 blog....biasalah ada saja kekangannya :(( Ermmm, sekarang ni kan musim durian....jadi tiba2 je dpt idea nak reka resepi ni....Kalau siapa2 suka durian bolehlah cuba makan bubur somsom dengan kuah @ serawa durian. Resepi Somsom Kak Hanieliza ni sedap tau! Terima kasih kak sebab murah hati berkongsi resepi bubur somsom tu! :) Saya suka sangat rasanya yg lemak..manis..& bau harum daun pandan tu buat kita nak makan lagi & lagi & lagi..Burppp! Oppss, Alhamdulillah.. :))

Jemput makan sama-sama..tapi jangan pulak makan daun pandan tu sekali ya..:D

Klik SINI untuk Resepi Bubur Somsom Kak Hanieliza.
Kalau nak Resepi Kuah Durian boleh klik SINI..:)


Monday, April 4, 2011


The winds of life blow in all directions.
And just like a colorful kite, we grace the skies.

Congratulations and good-luck to my sister Rania
in her new posting in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Small thin freckled little girl with really big dreams, never giving in to anything no matter what, always promising herself the sky and the stars!

One day so long ago, it was against the old man advice; but stubborn like none other, she went to bike school intending on learning riding one but ended up with a broken toe instead! Ouch! But missed her graduation she would not; hence convocation in plasters and crutches and a picture says a thousand words indeed!

Come the years; some hearts get broken, and some broken hearts mended, but it’s all the snakes and ladders of living; a chalk mark in the rain storm.

Good with numbers and projections, she saw far and reached even further ahead of the rest in her very own style and relentless trademarks. Her blazing persistent trails; we have never failed to appreciate, and we have never failed to quietly beam proudly no matter where we are. A once dream that was left unclaimed in the far dust of time, and yet today in destiny she comes again; her father’s daughter, for she is picking up the dreams once more where he had once left off out of obligation.

To Allah we pray and we say our thanks. We reach out and we make our future. Fulfill all your duties beyond promises and all expectations, as that is an assured way to greater heights.

The world at large is still “mankind wilderness” yet to be domesticated by womankind, a realm where “trust” is actually spelled; a four letter word. So do not walk alone into the unknown.

See, what else I missed here...? But she knows all that already I guess :)

Bon Voyage Sis!