Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dah lama betul tak makan durian...semua di Deliah's Deli sakit tekak dan batuk jadi niat untuk mkn durian dusun sepuas2nya terbatal baaaanyak kali :) Memang suka sangat makan durian termasuklah durian yang keras & rangup2 tapi manis tu - sedapnyer :p~ Orang panggil durian ni diyan gilo :) Minggu lepas kat kedai tgk banyak jual durian yang keras2 tu...terus capai 4 paket tp sanggup makan beberapa ulas je-kekenyangan! Yang mana tak habis, buatkan Bubur Pulut Hitam Diyan Gilo...

2 cawan pulut hitam
2 helai daun pandan
1 mangkuk isi durian - lebih kurang 10 ulas
2 ketul gula melaka + gula pasir kalau suka manis
1 1/2 cawan santan
sedikit santan pekat + garam sikit
secubit garam untuk bubur
air untuk merebus pulut agak2lah ya :)

Masukkan pulut hitam yang telah direndam semalaman dan dicuci bersih ke dalam periuk. Kemudian, masukkan air lebih sedikit paras pulut dan masak sehingga mendidih. Biarkan pulut hitam empuk kemudian masukkan gula melaka, durian dan kacau . Masukkan gula pasir kalau suka manis. Kacau dan masukkan santan. Biarkan sehingga pulut empuk dan bubur mendidih barulah tutup apinya. Boleh dihidang panas atau sejuk dan masa hendak hidang letakkan sedikit santan pekat yang dicampur garam di atas bubur.....Siap-jemput makan kawan2...:)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LAI CHEE KANG DESSERT- with lots of dried longan :)

How's the weather like where you're at now? Well its been erratic lately I heard, and that means we need to keep ourselves properly hydrated throughout this spell of weather. Adequate liquid intake is always an essential requirement with us humans. Whether to use Isotonic sports drinks or even just good ole' plain water depends upon your level of work out, requirements, individual differences in sweat rate and certainly taste!

It is almost a myth (but a good myth to keep, so drink up anyway), that you need at least 8 glasses of water a day. According to a report from researches at the Canadian Institute of Science, we should pay more attention to our sodium and potassium intake. Their findings indicated that we do get enough liquid when we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but mostly we consume too much sodium and too little potassium. Another point to consider is thirst: do not ignore your thirst! As a report from research done by the American Institute of Medicine (The National Academy) had stated that the vast majority of healthy people adequately meet their daily hydration by letting thirst be their guide.

Malva nut is rich is potasium and the ginko nut is rich is niacin, potassium and zinc while the winter melon is cooling food (yin) and snow fungus with red dates contains rich amounts of iron, Vitamin C, and phosphorus. It is a good source for agent of an anti free-radical cells in our body system. Now you know why Lai Chee Kang is good and tasty too! :)

Here are the agak2 :) ingredients:

200g dried longan
5g snow fungus
20g red dates
20g dried winter melon
15g malva nut
10g ginkgo nuts
10g barley
50g rock sugar or to taste
1500ml water

Boiled pre-soaked barley until soft for about 15 minutes. Soften the snow fungus and malva nut by soaking it in water for 20 minutes. Drain malva nut and snow fungus. Later, use scissors to cut snow fungus into pieces. Rinse the dried longan, red dates and ginkgo nuts with water and set aside. Add water into a pot and bring it to boil. Then, add longan, red dates, ginkgo nuts, snow fungus, malva nut, barley and rock sugar into the pot. Boil for about another 30 minutes. Add more water if need be. Dish out and serve hot or you may refrigerate it.

My children likes theirs cooling and with tiny ice cubes - Enjoy!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

EASY CHEESY PRETZEL STICKS - in chocolate dip :)

Been thinking of making something a little different to snack on...hence this recipe - something easier than those classic twisted pretzels... :)

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon instant yeast
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 fresh milk
1 large egg
1 cup melted bittersweet chocolate-for coating
1/2 cup chocolate rice-for coating

Preheat oven to 160°C. In a bowl, mix all ingredient and knead until a dough is formed. Rest the dough for awhile about 15 minutes. Later, roll out dough and cut into strips. Twist strips to a simple pretzel rod shape and place them on baking sheet. You may also brush pretzels with whisked egg, sprinkle with sesame seed/poppy seed and salt. Bake it straight away until firm and brown for 15 minutes. Cool pretzels on racks and later dip into melted bittersweet chocolate and sprinkle some chocolate rice for some home made rocky road sticks. Enjoy! :)


Sunday, July 11, 2010


1/4 kg daging lembu-hiris nipis2 biji bawang besar - kisar
4 ulas bawang putih - kisar
1 serai - ketuk/titik
1 inci lengkuas - ketuk/titik
8-10 biji cili merah - buang biji dan kisar
1 biji tomato - dipotong baji
1/2 cawan air
1/4 cawan minyak
4 biji tomato ceri - potong 2
sedikit daun ketumbar
garam dan perasa/gula secukupnya

Panaskan minyak secukupnya dalam kuali. Tumis bawang besar, bawang putih, cili merah, serai dan lengkuas. Masukkan daging dan tomato apabila bahan tumis dah naik bau. Masukkan air jika perlu. Tumis sehingga garing dan daging empuk. Masukkan bahan perasa, garam serta gula. Akhir sekali masukkan tomato ceri dan daun ketumbar....Ok,siap-jom makan!


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Taaa Daaa..inilah hidangan paling laris di Deliah's Deli :D kalau boleh 3,4 kali seminggu pun tak apa :) Mula2, sapu butter rata2 pada 1/2kg daging. Jangan letak garam kerana garam menyebabkan daging menjadi kering apabila dibakar. Cara begini daging lebih juicy :p~ Kemudian bakar dlm oven 180 Celsius selama 45 minit... Bila dah siap bakar hiris nipis dan cicah dengan sambal kicap..sambal kicap tu mcm biasa je-cabai rawit, bwg putih, kicap dan gula...serta tambah extra jus limau and bawang besar yang dihiris...Siap-boleh dimkn dgn nasi panas! Nak sedap lagi mkn dengan tomyam dan somtam!


Friday, July 2, 2010

SOMTAM - Thai Green Papaya Salad

You may also click HERE or HERE for other varieties of Thai Green Papaya Salad Recipes. Thanks to Hana and Ika :)

8-12 Thai chillies/bird peppers, all finely pounded
4 cloves garlic - peeled and finely pounded
2 tbs roasted unsalted dried shrimp
4 cups julienned peeled unripe green papaya
1 cup cut long beans
1/4 cup tamarind juice
Juice of 3 limes, to taste
2 tbs of fish sauce or nampla to taste
2 tbs sugar - pound the sugar together with the chilies to lessen the Thai chili heat slightly
2 tomatoes, cut into bite-size wedges; or 12 cherry tomatoes (remove inner seeds)
1/4 cup chopped unsalted roasted peanuts or best mix with some Langkawi cashew nuts

Gently pound everything (except the papaya and long beans) in a mortar pestle. Mix all ingredients well and sprinkle top with chopped roasted nuts before serving.