Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Moat :)

The famous journalist Sydney J. Harris had once proclaimed: "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." 

Yes, he was right. All we do is merely to impart knowledge and understandings of the world into young inquisitive minds and makes them see themselves and the world around them much better. 

Sometimes the loads become heavy and sometimes light, but at all given times it has been pleasurable no less!

Alas, sometimes I get too forgetful and just completely forget the going-on/happenings around me other than my work. I am quite sure we all do that at one time or another.

First and foremost, congratulations to the graduating class of 2011.

The first thing that strikes me about education is the knowledge we gained from it. A good education works both ways and a good educator would eventually “be educated” as well, with each passing batch of graduates that moves under her or his tutelage. Education gives us that added perspective of looking at things in life. 

It helps us construct opinions and it gives us a new dimension of understandings at life. Many debate over the subject of whether “is education in classrooms and text books the only thing that gives knowledge”.

I personally think that educations come to us from every points and corners we may touch in life. It is one big endless circle of giving and taking. Education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world, but knowledge is something quite very different. 

Knowledge comes after education.

They both shall work in tandem, to assist us into charting the future.  We gather every bits of knowledge from all sources of educations around us. 

But then again, we cannot convert that inputs into an understandings of knowledge without educations. Thus the circle becomes complete; of giving and taking.

That’s why I have always said that when we enrolls in to college or university for a specific tertiary education, we are merely polishing our natural instinct and gifts; our natural inborn instinct and gifts.

Your vocation learned, is God’s gift to the world and humankind through your minds, your hands and your polished passion. Each of us have that gift for man and woman kind, and it is up to us to deliver that gift. It has been entrusted to us from our Maker and we cannot fail such a request. 

Therefore, beyond these walls and lectures, into your future, be your passionate best at your vocation. Always be humble in educating, always appreciate the power of their inquisitive minds. Rich or poor, we come under one in seeking knowledge.

Congratulations and Happy Graduations All!

“Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.”Henry Peter Brougham



Parveen Mehta said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Welcome to the real world.

little dancer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

good luck & happy graduations!

ibundo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

belajar sampai tua pun tak katam del. Still a lot more to learn ...

quinnie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

betul cakap kak pah tu....rasa macam byk lagi ilmu nak kena belajar...tambah2 bab ugama ni...peringatan kat diri sendiri...hehhhe

Rosita Vargas said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Tienes razón después de la educación viene el conocimiento y ésto es lo que hay que rescatar y compenzar entre los educandos y los educadores,soy educadora y te felicito por el post interesante, buenos augurios,abrazos hugs,hugs.

Treat and Trick said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Congrats! Setinggi mana pun ilmu kita, akan ada yang baru menyusul, tak kan habis kita pelajari...

Ann said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Yes, you are right with that analysis. But sometimes the circle gets broken out of greed and insecurities...those are just some of the pitfalls of the real world...but today is their day...congratulations!

Sook said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

I loved reading through your post. I agree. Knowledge comes after education and probably experiences. Being educated is one of the most important things ever.

indahhouse said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Salam Del,
Yup! Begitulah permata digilap.

Pesan akak, adik-adik yg dah brtukar status jd fresh graduate, moga jadi permata yg disayangi masyarakat dan negara. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

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Deliah's Deli said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you all for coming by and thank you for the comments :) It made my day :) So many educators here in this posting :) Anyway, congratulations to the grads near and far :)
Rosita, gracias por venir mi blog :) Esparo praticar mi espanol. Gracias :)

Torviewtoronto said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

lovely post and quotes